Tails on Trails Dog Walking Service Has Back To School Tips For Your Pets

It’s that time of year again. Students are heading back to school soon, and parents are preparing for the new school year. With all the excitement of new teachers, new schools, and new friends, pets can sometimes be a little lost in the mix. The Summer is over and now that school is back in session, the dog has a new routine during the day. This may cause some apprehension or anxiety in your pet, but don’t worry, an Tails on Trails dog walking service has some ways to keep your pet(s) on a regular schedule once school starts.

Adjust To The New Schedule Before School Starts

Give your dog a start to the new routine by walking or letting him out when you plan on getting the kids ready for school. He may have been sleeping in over the Summer, so easing him back into his school-year routine now will help when school starts. Going potty earlier in the AM and earlier at night will help him adjust to an earlier potty schedule. Do the same routine start now with his feedings.

Make The New Routine Work For You

The back-to-school routine for your pets has to work for you and your family as well. Have the kids be part of the routine by giving them each a role. For example, they can have feeding or walking duties (depending on their ages), or playtime after school or before dinner.

Have Some Music Or TV For Your Pets

Turning on music or TV for your pets will help them adjust to a much quieter house once school starts. They are used to lots of noise and activity during the Summer, and may not understand why all of a sudden, it’s so calm in the house. This can be a big change, so keeping some background noise on is very helpful.

Hire A Dog Walking Service For Daily Visits

Since your pets are used to people being around during Summer break, having a dog walker come by the house around lunchtime will give your dog some exercise and a distraction from the much quieter house. Also, if he is used to potty around lunchtime, he will have a much-deserved break.

Your Tails on Trails Dog Walking Service Wants Your Pet To Adjust With Ease

A new schedule can make even the calmest dog or pet a bit anxious. With these tips, you and your pets can enjoy the new school year with ease. Please contact us today to book services this school year!

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