Overnight Pet Sitting in the Client Home

Overnight care, in your home, is a great alternative option to in-home pet sitting visits, kenneling, or other outside options. Not only will your pets be in the comfort of their normal surroundings, but they will have extended attention and care.

Many clients choose this option if they have multiple pets, elderly or anxious pets, or they simply want the peace of mind only someone present can provide. Having someone in your home will provide the added benefit of security as well. Your home will not be empty during the normal times someone would be present there. Your home will not appear vacant and regular routines will be maintained.

Our employees arrive at 8:00 PM and remain in your home, overnight, to maintain your daily schedule with your pets. Overnight care pricing includes all care from the evening arrival through the morning routine. Care includes walking, feeding, litter clean-up, medications, fresh water, and companionship with your pets. We recommend adding a minimum of one visit, during the day, that can include a feeding.

Most clients find this option a convenient and suitable solution for short or longer trips. Since this is one-on-on care, we have limited availability for this service. We highly recommend booking this service, in advance, as it is one of our most popular solutions.


Adult dogs and other pets: $109-$119 per night, depending on needs

Puppies: Starting at $129 per night, depending on needs

Additional Pet Sit Visits can be added for $29 a visit

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