Pet Grooming Services

The Sudsy Puppy located in Severna Park, offers bathing, full-service pet grooming, deshedding, spa packages, nail, and teeth care. Our skilled groomers are professionally trained to care for your pets’ needs. We offer a safe and tranquil environment where your pets’ well-being is of utmost importance. Appointments are set up, hourly, to ensure individualized care in a calm setting.

Our full-service grooming, bathing, and deshedding services all start with a bath with specialized shampoos for your pets’ coat and skin condition. We follow the shampoo with a hand dry, style, and brush out.

Full-service grooming includes a haircut to your desired style. Followed by a coat spray and any special requests or breed extras you might need, such as ear plucking. Whether you desire a breed-specific cut or other desired options, we can meet your needs.

Our deshedding services include a blow out of undercoat with our dryers designed to loosen the extra coat. We follow with a professional deshedding shampoo and conditioner. During the drying process, we utilize a specialized undercoat tool to really loosen and remove that coat.

We include nail trims, ear cleaning, and minor dematting with all services. All full-service options finish with a coat spray and a bandana. Additional options include a blueberry facial, teeth brushing, a paw treatment, or our Seasonal Spa package with all the perks!

We groom and bathe both cats and dogs. Your pets will not only look and feel amazing, they will be calm and happy when you pick them up.


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Drop off times begin at 8:30 AM; Last drop off time 1:30 PM; Latest drop-off time for larger/double coated dogs is 11:30 AM