Trained, Trusted, Reliable

Why is it so important to have an employee, not an independent contractor, have access to your home and be responsible for your pets’ care?

  • Employees are trained to company standards on processes and procedures
  • Employees are better insured than independent contractors – employees carry more than bonding and liability insurance – they are covered under Workers’ Compensation – if they are hurt during work activities, they are covered under the business and won’t be looking to you if they are hurt in your home
  • Employees have managerial oversight and support – we monitor their visit times, remotely, and perform random quality checks, on-site, to maintain company standards
  • As employees, they are not permitted to substitute a friend or relative to fulfill their commitment to you. We provide trained and trusted staff as a back-up in case your scheduled dog walker has an illness or emergency. One of the reasons you are using a service is to know who has access to your home. We make certain that is the case.


We don’t just assume our employees can do the job right. We teach them how to handle situations, what to expect, and what we expect of them:


  • One-on-one review and discussion of our company policies, procedures, and review of Employee Handbook
  • Training on our daily operations and appointment and time-keeping software

Systematic 90-day training program

  • Field Equipment instruction
  • Animal Health
  • Animal Behavior
  • Scenario Training – includes dog walking and pet sitting real-life scenarios
  • Field training of dog walking and pet sitting appointments

Several touchpoints of training process

  • Multiple quality checks of work throughout 90-day training
  • Knowledge checks and tests throughout program
  • Individual one-on-one meetings to review key standards and procedures


You have to do more than just love animals to become a Tails on Trails employee:

  • Rigorous hiring process
    • Criminal Background Checks
    • Phone and face-to-face interviews
    • Field Interview
    • Professional behavioral testing
    • Reference checking
  • Applicant tracking system utilized to make certain all aspects of hiring process maintained.


Our service guarantee provides peace of mind. Our management staff are not in the field doing visits. Instead, the management staff supervises and directs our employees utilizing:

  • GPS monitoring of arrival and departure times, as well as map locations
  • Separate timekeeping software that corresponds to the GPS mapping
  • Real-time, e-mail confirmation of all completed, pet sitting visits
  • A team of staff that provide care to each client – area teams share information and assist each other with questions
  • Random, on-site quality checks performed by Field Managers
  • On-call, evening, weekend, holiday, and emergency back-up provided by local managers

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