New Puppy Care

Having a new puppy is a learning experience for everyone! At Tails on Trails we offer puppy care options to encourage early success with housebreaking.

Because a puppy needs more frequent trips outside, we offer three twice-a-day options, at a special discounted rate to help get your puppy on track. We have found in our experience, with the twice-a-day option, that your puppy learns quicker when they follow your weekend routine more closely.

When you choose our puppy package, we offer one-hour arrival window times. This is especially important and it helps to maintain your puppy’s schedule, and thereby contributes to their overall success with potty training.

You should expect your potty training to take three to four months. Their little bodies are growing and changing. Putting the extra effort in early will help ensure your puppy gets off on the right paw!

Our puppy packages encourage early potty training, routine walking skills, and include discounted grooming options to help you and your puppy get on track.

As a new puppy client, you will receive a coupon for a free nail trim, ½ off your puppy’s first bath, and $20 off your puppy’s first groom at our grooming salon, The Sudsy Puppy in Severna Park. We recommend getting your puppy started early with the grooming process so that it becomes part of his routine and helps reduce stress and anxiety when going to the groomer.

Pricing and Options

Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 3:00pm

Price only good on twice-a-day visits


Twice-a-day mid-day visits: Two shorter potty breaks

$18 per visit

Recommended for yard let-outs or single dog-households


Twice-a-day mid-day visits: One potty break and one regular visit that can include feeding

$20 per visit

Recommended for puppies who have midday feedings


Twice-a-day mid-day visits: Two regular visits that can include feeding or medications

$22 per visit

Recommended for two puppies or multiple pet households

New Client Registration $29 – includes processing paperwork, bar coding keys, meeting a Field Manager, and follow-up support to walkers

2-hour arrival time-window for all walks

Walks include freshwater, a treat, and a personalized note about care

*Monthly packages available

**We recommend booking, in advance, for non-recurring service, as priority will be given to our recurring clients. Availability not guaranteed until reservation is confirmed.

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