Dog Walking

We offer several dog walking options to our customers. We aim to accommodate both you and your dog’s needs. Whether your dog needs a quick potty break or regular exercise, our dog walkers are available to meet your needs.
We’ve all heard that “a tired dog is a happy dog”, but there is a myriad of additional benefits of hiring a professional company for your dogs’ needs:

  • Exercise aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and will assist in prolonging your dog’s life
  • Aids in obedience training – most dog trainers will emphasize the importance of dog walking for a more balanced approach
  • Fulfills a primal instinct to roam and explore
  • Gives your dog mental stimulation by exposing them to interesting smells, sights and sounds
  • Gives your dog exposure to the world outside their home and yard
  • Reduces boredom and anxiety levels

Following a great walk, we will provide fresh water, treats, if permissible, a note about the visit, and plenty of love, of course!

We offer short and regular walking sessions, with multiple discount options, for recurring schedules as well as a-la-carte needs for occasional walks**.

Pricing and Options

Monday – Friday, 9:30a – 3:00p


Minimum walk time 10 minutes

$20 per visit

Recommended for: yard let-outs, less active or elderly dogs, potty break, or single dog-households


Minimum walk time 20 minutes

$25 per visit

Recommended for: Younger or active dogs needing brisk exercise, anxious dogs, two-dog households, mid-day visits with a feeding

Additional time allows for pets, with anxiety or extra energy, to receive a more active walk.


Minimum walk time 35 minutes

$35 per visit

Recommended for: Working breeds needing more extensive exercise, three dog-households

New Client Registration $29 – includes processing paperwork, bar coding keys, meeting a Field Manager, and follow-up support to walkers

2-hour arrival time-window for all walks

Walks include freshwater, a treat, and a personalized note about care

*Monthly packages are available

**We recommend booking, in advance, for non-recurring service, as priority will be given to our recurring clients. Availability not guaranteed until reservation is confirmed.

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