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Walking dogs all over Anne Arundel County has some serious perks. From a beautiful German Shepherd in Crofton, to the matching labs in Annapolis, we get to meet some of the cutest pets around. Since all of our staff is made up of animal lovers, meeting these cuties is a real job perk. To be able to start your day knowing you’ll get to see lots of happy puppies, or pets that you’ve built a relationship with the encourage trust–there is nothing better than that.

The dogs we walk come in all shapes, sizes, and attitudes.  The cats we pet sit for have the same variety of personalities–from hyper kittens to affectionate adult cats, we get them all. Thankfully, we have some of the best training around to make sure that our dog walkers and pet sitters are prepared to create the best relationship with each pet. Whether you have a shy Cocker Spaniel, a young Mastiff that LOVES new visitors a little too exuberantly, or an older cat that likes to hide–we come prepared for every situation.

Pictured above is one of our cuties from Odenton. Duke is a 4 year old Yorkie-Poo mix. Look at those eyes! Do you think he knows he’s adorable?

Working with pets like Duke at Tails on Trails, we endeavor to put each pet at ease. You can tell from Duke’s body language that he seems pretty comfortable with the walker who took this picture.

This is no coincidence–we work hard to understand the particular needs of each pet and adjust accordingly. That is why we are able to provide premier services throughout Anne Arundel County. Stay tuned for more of our cuties!



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