Much of the work Tails on Trails does in Anne Arundel County is dog walking during day time hours. When people see us in their community, whether it’s Crofton, Annapolis, or Odenton it’s usually while we’re out walking dogs with our signature pink t-shirts or pink leashes on.

But we also have a thriving pet sitting business. Our pet sitting business is busiest when people are out of town, usually around holidays. Many of our clients for pet sitting have dogs, but many have cats. We usually visit our cat pet sitting clients two times a day. Many of the homes we visit have more than one dog or cat, and many times we get to know their individual personalities.

Some of the cats we visit are the kind you’re lucky if you ever catch a glimpse of them. They are the cats that are more comfortable hiding under the bed until you’ve set their food out, cleaned their litter boxes, and refreshed their food. These cats are the kind you want to make sure you see before you leave, just to make sure they’re okay, but also want to give space to so they remain comfortable.

Other cats are quite inquisitive–coming up to you as soon as you enter the house, rubbing on your leg, and watching you intensely as you clean their bowls and make their dinner. These cats will follow you until you pet them.

One such cutie is Bess from Odenton. Not only are her markings beautiful, but her eyes are beautiful! We are very happy to care for her!

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