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Cutie Alert: Severna Park

All of our dog walkers and pet sitters have one thing in common: they are animal lovers. Tails on Trails is a perfect place for someone who loves leans from the bigger pups, holding the cute little ones in their arms, strong purrs from the kittens, and seeing the joy on a pet’s face when they recognize you.

However, in order to be a premier dog walking and pet sitting company, Tails on Trails must hire employees who are more than just animal lovers. We work hard to make sure that all of our staff are not just animal lovers, but responsible, caring, fast thinking, and good at following directions. These are the important traits that are the foundation for a wonderful employee for Tails on Trails. Combined with some extensive training, our staff become the most important part of providing the level of care to Anne Arundel County’s pets that Tails on Trails promises.

Tails on Trails has wonderful staff. These animal lovers, with all of their wonderful training, can’t resist the faces on some of our clients. An we love posting the cuties from different areas because we know others will enjoy them as much as we do.

These two cuties are Carrick and O’Malley from Severna Park. As you can see, they seem to get along quite well. They also seem to be very attentive to their pet sitter.

As they are looking eagerly up, you have to wonder if they are waiting for a treat, dinner, or a nice long rub.  Either way, they definitely seem very happy to see their pet sitter! Enjoy these cuties as much as we do!

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