The work of a dog walker can sometimes be difficult. When we are dodging thunderstorms in the middle of summer, trudging through the snow in the winter, cleaning up an accident, or trying to figure out how to get a dog who misses it’s owner to eat, we sometimes wonder why we’re in this game.

But then, we get to hang out with the awesome pets and we remember–we love a job that lets us hang out with adorable puppies and kitties all day. There are some real cuties out there and when they wiggle up to us or come purr, it reminds us of all the great things we love about the job.

Here are a couple of the cuties we have the pleasure to walk and take care of.  These two are adorable aren’t they!

Charlotte and Wilbur of Edgewater are so cute, they are hard to resist! We are always careful when walking these two in the heat, as we are with all of the dogs we care for, especially those who aren’t heat tolerant.

If we aren’t able to do a long walk with the dogs because of the heat or a thunderstorm, we will spend time with them inside. We will play with their toys, cuddle with them, or just sit quietly if they prefer that.

Either way, we’re glad to spend time with the adorable cuties we care for all over the county!

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