As Maryland moves into summer, we will have more and more days with heat like we’ve had recently. Although the heat is bad enough, the humidity makes it even worse. It can be very draining!

On very hot days sometimes all you want to do is lay around. When our dog walkers and pet sitters come to your house, your pets are often showing effects of the weather as well. We try to be as sensitive as we can to their needs.

We will always walk them for as long as they seem comfortable and they are safe. That means during extreme heat or thunderstorms we might have to cut their walks short.  We often wait until the heat breaks a little or the rain passes before we take them on their walk.

But for the kitties we visit, the weather outside doesn’t affect our visit. We spend all of our time inside with them rain or shine! Some of the cats we visit hide while we are there, but some are really quite happy to see us. We are always happy to meet them at their own level–play with toys with them, pet them when they want, and give them space when they want.

This beautiful cutie in the picture is Cosmo. Cosmo is from Crofton and with those eyes and that fur color, who wouldn’t love to snuggle up with Cosmo?

We are always happy to care for Cosmo and all of the other cats who we take care of throughout Anne Arundel County!




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