Pasadena Dog Walking

Tails on Trails Cutie Alert: Fred from Pasadena

We think every weekend should start with sleeping in, a healthy brunch, and a nice long walk with your dog. But if your Saturday is a busy one with lots of running around, the least we can do is show you a cute face to give you a little smile.

This Saturday, we’re happy to show off Fred from Pasadena as our cutie. Fred has a brother Hogan who is also quite adorable.

Tails on Trails walkers love taking pictures of them because they have so much character! They seem pretty content to have their pictures taken and Fred even looks like he might be posing for this picture. Maybe he heard about our Cutie Alert?

Like all of our clients, Fred and Hogan are an important part of our business. Our walkers love building relationships with the pets they work with. They often become attached to the pets and many relate their favorite part of the job as being the excitement of the dogs when they come through the door.

Pasadena is one of the areas where our dog walking business continues to expand.

We’re very happy to have Fred and Hogan as clients and look forward to even more dog walking and pet sitting clients in Pasadena as the business continues to grow!

So keep your eyes open for more Cutie Alerts and we’ll hope to have even more from Pasadena as business grows!


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