Dog Walking Gambrills


One of Tails on Trails cutest clients from the Gambrills / Odenton Area!

You may wonder where we get all of these great pictures of our cute clients! We’re very lucky in that many of our dog walkers and pet sitters use their phones to capture the cuties they take care of on a regular basis. Whether it’s a favorite breed or a particularly spunky walk, the dogs and cats our pet sitters and dog walkers work with often become their newest subject for photos.

We love how these pictures give us a real glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes on our walks and pet sitting. Not all of what we do is hard core walking–our pet sitters and dog walkers really enjoy their visits and get to know the pets well. You can see this in many of the photos that really show the character of our clients.

Bodhi here has been sent in from our walkers in the Gambrills and Odenton area on many occasions. If you look through our facebook, blog, and website you’ll see his smile throughout.

We also love that when our sitters take a quick snapshot of these pets, we get to show off just how diverse the pets we serve are. We have dogs from Great Danes to cute little Boston Terriers, but we also have birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more.  We also have the pictures to prove it!

One other perk of our sitters and walkers taking pictures is that we are then able to share them with their owners. Oftentimes when we are pet sitting for clients who are away, they really appreciate us sending pictures of their pets at home. As anyone who has ever been away from their four  legged loved ones knows, a cute picture is of great help when you’re missing them.

So we hope you enjoy as we share pictures of all the cuties we have the pleasure of caring for!



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