Hanover Pasadena Edgewater Dog Walking

We realize that most crazy dog ladies and gents have their favorite kind of dog breed.

Whether your a Poodle man, a Great Dane lady, or a Dachshund lover, we think we can all agree that Gia here is adorable! Her smile is a knockout!

Each breed has their own “smile” and Tails on Trails is lucky enough to know many clients and get to know their smiles.

Whether it’s the exhausted grin of a Weimaraner client tired out after a good walk in Odenton, a Shiba Inu that’s recently gotten to trust and know her dog walker in Bowie, a happy go lucky Lab in Pasadena, or a timid Cocker Spaniel in Edgewater excited for a treat, we love each of their smiles!

One of the things that is very helpful for us as dog walkers and pet sitters is to know the breed characteristics of the pets we are visiting. Oftentimes walkers will look up specifics about the breed they are visiting if they’ve never dealt with that breed before.

Our walkers will also talk to other walkers who have worked with that particular dog to hear about what the dog likes and doesn’t like.

All of these things are useful tools in providing premier care, but the most useful part of this individual understanding of each pet is to hear from the owners about each dog’s quirks.

The more information you give us, the better! When you help us know your pet. we’ll be able to talk even better care of them.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all looking for that special smile from the pet we’re caring for!



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