Dog Walking Pasadena Having the opportunity to meet new dogs and cats while at work is one of the many perks of working for Tails on Trails. The pets we meet often leave an impression on our dog walkers and pet sitters.

Whether it’s a quirk of their personality like bringing their favorite toy to the door to greet you, the hop they get in their step when they know you’re taking them for a walk, or the rub they give your leg as you put down their food, getting to know each dog and cat is what makes the job so special.

When you’re doing multiple  visits in a row, it really is a treat to go from a house with 5 cats, to a house with a tiny white puppy, to a house with a mastiff.  The variety certainly keeps things interesting!

Many of our staff look forward to seeing regulars and enjoy getting to meet new pets and learn their habits.  Not only is it a challenge of learning a new routine at each house, but it’s actually fun being surprised with each pet’s personality.

Learning the direction they like to walk in, their favorite place to sniff, the cat’s favorite hiding place–these are all things that help us better understand each pet and keep an eye on them to make sure they are doing well.

As our dog walkers and pet sitters go through the routine at each house, usually when they are giving some loving to the pets, they often take the time to snap a cute picture. This here is one of our cuties from Pasadena. Huckleberry is his name and his eyes make you think he really loves to cuddle.

Just one of the many wonderful personalities our dog walkers and pet sitters get to know!

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