Crofton Veterinarian Dog Walking

As the premier dog walking and pet sitting company serving the Anne Arundel County area, we know a little something about the importance of quality service.

We go out of our way to guarantee the best service by doing things like using employees and not contractors, GPS monitoring to ensure visit lengths and times, thorough background checks, and extensive employee training. We think it’s important that our clients feel safe and secure knowing that we are taking the absolute best care of their dogs, cats, and other pets.

One thing that we’re often asked by our most trusted clients is which vet we prefer. Well, we find that to be a pretty complicated question to answer. The reason is, it is really up to your personal preferences when choosing a vet.

The questions you ask yourself when considering a new vet are very similar to what you might ask when considering a new doctor:

1) Are you interested in a smaller practice where you might get to know your vet on a personal level? Or are you more interested in going to a larger practice with various doctors, but other possible advantages like a shorter wait time?

2) Would you like your veterinarian to be well versed in alternative treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic procedures?

3) Is it important to you that your veterinarian is close to home or do you not mind a longer drive?

4) Does your pet have special considerations that you might want someone well versed in to handle? If you have an exotic breed, does your vet have a lot of experience with exotic animals?

5) Is your veterinarian’s office open 24 hours a day or does it have a close working relationship with one that is?


All of these considerations are ones you might keep in mind when researching new potential veterinarians for your pet. Take your time, read reviews, talk to current and former patients if you can find them.

If you’re in the Crofton area, we would recommend looking into Crofton Veterinary Center.  Crofton Veterinary Center is a smaller practice and we like that we’re able to get to know their veterinarians and they know our pets well. They are well versed applying appropriate treatments to each individual pet which is important to us. With a good reputation, they are definitely worth a look in the Crofton area.

Who is your preferred vet and why? We’ve love to hear it and will share your recommendations!

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