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As your favorite dog walker, Tails on Trails believes it is our duty to remind you of some important safety tips for your four legged family members during the Holiday season.  As we get excited to decorate, see family from far away, exchange gifts, and eat special foods, we need to remember that this time of year is stressful for our pets. As our schedules change, routine is lost. The influx of new family members, extra food sitting around, and decorations all pose extra distractions from their training, possible dangerous situations, and more.

So, here are some quick tips and reminders to keep your entire family safe, healthy, and happy.

Pets become accustomed to routines. During the Holidays, we know our schedules become crazy. We expect it and we are ready for it. Our pets are not. As much as possible, during the Holiday season try to keep your pets on a schedule. Taking them out at similar times, making sure they have their normals walks, and feeding them at regular times all helps.

Tails on Trails also recommends making sure to give your pet some space to escape from the new people in your home. Although you might love your relatives from out of town, your pet does not know them. And kids running around screaming, or an overzealous uncle, or a grandmother that gets knocked down easily are all people who might hurt your pet or who your pet might hurt accidentally. Be sure to give your pet the option to stay in another room, crate, or corner, separate from the action.

When you put up your holiday decorations, be sure to keep them out of reach of your pets. Trees can easily fall, not only breaking ornaments but also hurting your pet, candles can be knocked over, and tinsel can cause very dangerous blockages. Watch your pet closely when they are near these things–it will be ensure their safety!

As you celebrate the Holidays, don’t forget that if you need a little extra help Tails on Trails is here to help. A nice long walk or a visit from a sitter is an important tool in your kit to helping your pets safe healthy and safe this Holiday season!



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