Tips From Your Favorite Dog Walker!

Once Summer really starts heating up and you’re being extra careful about keeping your pet out of the heat, things can get a little crowded at home. Whether you find yourselves cooped up indoors in Odenton, Crofton, Laurel, Bowie, or Annapolis, we have you covered!

Hyper dogs and restless cats, kept indoors and without a long walk or the ability to run around like they normally do, can get quite bored.

Of course, the best course of action is a walk and we highly recommend making sure that your favorite dog walker (Tails on Trails) is continuing walks with your pets!

But on those steamy afternoons when you’re home from work, here are some ideas for how to spend time with your pet:

-Puzzle Toys

– Find the Treat

– Hide and Seek

– Memory Game

– Roll the Ball

– Kibble Hunt

– Laser Chase

For more information on these games, check out our blog post from 2012 (we had great ideas back then too!)

The most important thing to remember, is even if your dog or cat can’t get the normal exercise they enjoy, they are able to exercise their mind.

Keep them thinking and they will be much happier!



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