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Tips on Finding a Place to Take a Dip From Your Favorite Dog Walker


The great thing about living on the East Coast is the number of places you can find  water for your and your pet to enjoy. As summer continues to heat up, now is the time to find a great place for a quick (or long) dip with your pup.

The first two things to consider are:

1) Does your dog like to swim?

If your dog is new to swimming, your best option is to find a place close to home. There is no sense in taking your dog on a long journey to a beautiful body of water if you’re not sure how he or she will react.

In the end, you’ll both just be frustrated if they don’t swim or splash around, so stick close to home if this is your first adventure.

If you know he/she loves to swim, think about if they prefer to just splash around or really get to swimming and plan accordingly. A small creek won’t do for a dog that loves to swim far out after a ball, but would be just perfect for one who prefers to only get wet enough to cool off.

2) Does your dog get along with other dogs?

If you’re absolutely sure he/she will be fine off-leash with other dogs, trying out an advertised dog beach might be a good option. If not, stick to an area you might have all to yourself.

Here’s a quick link from that lists the top dog beaches in Maryland. Most likely, you’ll find these places are full of other dogs. If your dog is good with other dogs, try one of these beaches out.


How to find the perfect spot for your pet…

If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, there are some options in how to find a new place. If you don’t hear about anything through word of mouth–ask around with other dog owners— there is always the back up option: Google Maps! It’s really quite simple. Take your current location and zoom out slowly. Look for green areas (parks) that also happen to have a blue stream, river, lake, pond in them. These are a good option for a more secluded spot. You’d be surprised how many creeks, small rivers, etc are in your neighborhood. If the green area has a name associated with it–google it. There might even be a website association with your newly found neighborhood green space.

No matter what, if you’re trying out a new place always remember to bring a leash. You never know what the rules will be and it’s best to be prepared. If you bring a longer leash, your pet might be able to enjoy some swimming while you are still following the rules.

Here are some quick tips on places you might want to consider:

High Ridge Park in Laurel – The water is down below the main paved paths, so you must go off the path to find it. There are RARELY any other dogs or people down by the water there and the views are beautiful!

North and South Tracts of Patuxent Research Refuge Following the rules of these areas is important. There are hunters, hikers, scouts, and more along the trails. But there are some different options for getting your pet’s feet wet which make it a great place to visit.

Watershed Recreational Areas The rules again while here are important. Many hunters, kayakers, horse back riders, and more. But there are some really great bodies of water to visit!

Gunpowder Falls State Park This state park is in the northern part of Maryland and is just one of many options within the state park system which might be worth a visit.

Downs Park  Downs Park might be one of the more crowded options, but there is a reason for that!


And if you’re looking for some inspiration on the fun you might have, check out these Happy Dogs in Australia…

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