All of our walkers and sitters love dogs, but they have something even more important in common. Each of our walkers has been through an extensive background check. Because for us, just liking dogs is not enough. It does not guarantee the safety of our clients and their pets and it does not give us the peace of mind that we need to have knowing that our business has the absolute best employees.

Through our research we’ve learned some interesting things about background checks. There is no such thing as a national background check. Most people believe that given someone’s name, an employer can simply find their information on the web. This is actually not true. It takes much more work to do a thorough check.

Tails on Trails takes our background checks quite seriously.  Each new hire is researched as an individual by a private company. An in-depth background check is done which follows their personal history and the areas they have lived in. They must pass to be hired.

Furthermore, each year we renew this research. This annual renewal of background checks is another of the ways we set ourselves apart.

The reason we do this is simple. We believe that the safety of our clients and their pets are our primary responsibility. We want to ensure that our employees are of the highest quality and doing the proper research on people who will be in our clients’ homes is one way we can do that.

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