One of the ways in which we ensure that all of our walkers are safe and completing their walks as assigned is through a GPS monitoring system.  The use of a GPS monitoring system is important in maintaining the level of care that we promise all of our clients.

When a walker starts a job, they check in through a program called Leash Time. This “check in” provides a GPS location as well as a time. When they check out, the same information is saved.  The monitoring system is only tied in with appointments—the information is only gathered with the walker’s consent and is never done during drives between walks and when not at work.

Having this information is important for many reasons. When a client has a question about the work of one of our walkers, we are able to provide them with quick, accurate information on when their visit was completed.

It also allows us to realize if something has happened to the sitter. If a sitter checks in at a walk and never checks out, or doesn’t check in at an expected walk, we are quickly made aware. We are then able to follow up and make sure that everything is okay with that walker.

Because the system is checked four to five times a day, we are quickly able to make sure that appointments are completed. This means that we will never miss an appointment that has been scheduled through the system. Even if a walker does not show, our office staff will quickly realize that is the case and move forward right away with finding someone else to do the walk.

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