Is your pet as ready as this cutie for the start of summer?

Here are some tips to ensure that your dogs and cats stay safe this holiday!

– If your dog or cat is shy, be sure to give them the space they need to remain calm with so many new people. An open crate to retreat to, or an empty room are good options. If you plan to lock your pets in a room away from the crowd, work up to it. Practice a little each day of them being loc

– If your pets are a flight risk (and most are when given the opportunity of an open door), be sure to watch the door carefully. Open it yourself or have a means in place to prevent your dog or cat from running out when a group of people come in (carrying food and drinks often means the door will be open longer than normal).

– All dogs and cats deserve to be treated carefully and a party with excited children and/or inebriated adults might not be the best place for them. Clearly communicate appropriate interactions with your pets and step in if things get out of hand. Many kids might think it is cute to run up to a dog screaming, but many dogs will be frightened by this behavior.

– If your dog has joined you in the yard while you grill and/or eat, be sure to keep an eye on him. Many dogs will take the opportunity to steal some of their own from the grill, table, or unsuspecting guest’s plates.  Likewise, if you prefer your dog not eat table scraps, tell those present–most people find it hard to resist a cute face and might slip your dog some on their own.

– When attending or hosting a party where pets are welcome, be careful when introducing your pet. Watch closely for any potential issues and remove your pet if something seems like it could become a problem.

– In many areas, it is already quite warm on Memorial Day. Be sure to provide plenty of water and shade for your pet. Although there are some interesting dog umbrellas for sale, an umbrella put directly into the ground works surprisingly well for some quick shade.

– If your Memorial Day celebrations mean you’ll be away from home for a long day or an evening, don’t forget to schedule your pet sitter. Tails on Trails would love to come by and provide your pet with some much needed relief and a nice walk!

Follow these safety reminders for a much more enjoyable holiday for you and your pet!

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