Dog Walking

Does this look familiar?

If it does, we’re here to help! Tails on Trails doesn’t just do pet sitting, we do regular dog walking throughout the week.

Mid-Day walks go a long way to help with those extra anxious dogs who are completely convinced you’re never coming back…every single time you leave.

Regular walks also help with the more energetic breeds who require a bit more work than you can give during a busy work week. If you have an older pup or one that isn’t up for a long walk mid-day, we’re also happy to come by and take them out for a break then hang out and give lots of cuddles.

Tails on Trails is made up of employees that have your dog’s best interest at heart. Many of our walkers say that the best part of the job is when a dog gets to know them and becomes excited when they come in the house.  We are truly happy to not only take your dog for a walk, but develop a relationship with them over time.

So, if you’ve been coming home to a bit of a mess, chances are you either have a bored dog or a dog with separation anxiety. Either way, we are here to fill in and help when you’re not available to be home. Tails on Trails is the premier company serving Anne Arundel County as well as parts of Prince George’s and Howard. Check us out!





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