Overnight Visits in a Sitter’s Home or in a Client’s Home are a great alternative to boarding, pet hotels, and pet lodging.

As every pet owner knows, leaving your loved one at home can be quite difficult. Many owners find that the most cost effective option when a friend or family member is not available is to board their companion. Sometimes after boarding, owners find a pet that has lost weight, seems listless, or anxious. Some owners even find that pets often need a vet visit afterwards because of a health issue they picked up while boarded with other animals.

Because Tails on Trails know just how difficult boarding your family member can be on both your furry one and yourself, we offer overnight visits. This option has become increasingly popular and can take place either at the home of the client or in a sitter’s home.

The very personal attention that each pet receives on an overnight visit is incomparable to any other option. Each overnight visits is paired with a walker whose house is ideal for that dog or cat. If the they love playing with others, they stay with a house with other dogs or cats. If a dog is more comfortable alone, they stay at a house with no other dogs. While in the sitter’s home they effectively become a member of the family—integrating with the normal life of the home. When the overnight visit occurs in the home of the client, there is a minimum of 12 hours of care for the pet. When it takes place in the home of the sitter, the pet is care for even longer.

Although this option is more expensive, the individual attention each pet receives is well worth the money. When you come back, your pet will be happy, healthy, and ready to fall back into his/her normal routine at home!

Interested in booking an overnight? Ask about it next time you book!

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