Pasadena Dog Walking

It’s that time of year when there are many events open to you and your best bud. As the summer heats up, programs move to the outdoors and are often open to your pet. From outdoor concerts in Bowie and Annapolis, to movies in the park in Laurel and festivals in between, now is the perfect time of year to take your pet to an outdoor event.

There are a couple of things to consider before bringing your pet with you to an outdoor event.

1) Is the event dog friendly?

If it’s not specifically for dogs, that not mean they aren’t welcome as well. If you have any questions about whether you can bring a dog, call the event contact to check. It’s always better to call and check ahead rather than show up and get turned away. **If you go to an event with your pet and find out it is not pet friendly, don’t leave your pet in the car while you enjoy yourself. Cars reach surprisingly high temperatures in the summer and are no place for your pet to wait!!!**


2) What is the set up for the event and will your dog enjoy him/herself?

Will there be lots of screaming kids running around? Many dogs in a small space? Loud music? Think about what your dog is reactive too. You don’t have to avoid everything, but keep in mind whether your dog will be comfortable or not and plan accordingly.


3) Will your dog have a place to rest?

Is your dog the type of dog that likes to lay out on the grass? Or do they prefer a bed to snuggle up on? Keep in mind that even if you’re not walking or running around, if you’re sitting and your dog stands the entire time this can tire him/her out. Bring an extra blanket or a bed if you think that will make them more comfortable.


4) Do you have supplies to keep your pet hydrated?

When you’re out and about in town, be sure to keep in mind your dog’s hydration. They sell many cute water bottles and bowl combos just for pets. But a good old fashioned water bottle works just as well if your dog can drink out of it. So keep something handy for them when you’re out enjoying yourself.


5) Allow your dog to have space.

While you’re at an event, be sure to give your dog the space he/she needs. If you’re sitting for a concert, find a corner spot so he/she doesn’t feel surrounded. If you’re at a festival, find a spot under a tree to rest. Be cognizant of the fact that your dog spends most of his/her day lounging around the house and this will be enjoyable, but stressful for them.


With these tips in mind, you really can take your dog on the road. Visit that concert with a picnic, check out that festival, do it all! Just keep in mind their comfort and safety!



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