This time of year it’s wonderful to go places with your dog. There are many great opportunities in Anne Arundel County. Whether you spent your Sunday enjoying a quick hike on the B&O Trail in Odenton or a nice walk along the Annapolis Waterfront, your dog probably loved it.

While you’re out, the air might have had a nice breeze, but once you put your dog in your car, all bets are off.

In many cases, your car can be 20 degrees or more over the temperature outside.  That means on a nice 70 degree day, the temperature in your car can quickly reach over 90 degrees. Even if you park in the shade and roll your windows down a little, the sun can quickly move and the breeze can stop.

There are certain pets that should be extra careful–young dogs, older dogs, overweight dogs, and dogs who have short muzzles (like Bulldogs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, etc).

While you run inside to the store, trying to squeeze in an errand on the way home, your pet may be suffering. You might not know because you are inside longer than you anticipated.

If a dog is left in the car and is unsafe and someone sees it, it’s possible that a law enforcement officer or other person might break your window to let your dog out.

That might be the best case scenario–it’s possible your pet might be seriously sick or even die from hyperthermia if no one sees it.

To avoid these circumstances and help your pet be safe, always leave your dog in the car for as little time as possible!

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