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Many of the Holidays that we love to celebrate are times that we should also be paying careful attention to our pet’s safety and well being.

Holidays, with all of their great traditions represent a major disruption in the pattern of our pet’s lives. Halloween is a perfect example of this. Although we may love to have the trick-or-treaters coming to our door in droves, our pets only see something shrieking and running straight towards their door.

For this reason, Halloween is another opportunity to make sure you’re looking out for your pet’s safety while enjoying yourself!

Halloween Decorations: Be sure that any decorations that could be harmful to your pet are out of reach. If there are cords in new places, be sure your pet can’t get tangled in them while you’re away. Make sure your pets aren’t frightened by your decorations either–flashing lights and loud noises can be disturbing to some pets!  Be especially careful of pumpkins with candles in them–dogs and cats can easily knock these over.

Pet Costumes: If you choose to dress up your pet, be sure that the costume does not inhibit their ability to move, lay down easily, breathe, or do anything else they normally like to do. Making the costume experience a good one is important, so don’t put something too tight on them. Make sure there are no small pieces that can become a choking hazard!

Candy: Even if your pet is normally an angel with food in the house, be sure to keep the candy of out reach of them. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs and in the large quantities that are often out around Halloween there is an increased risk.

Trick Or Treating: If at all possible, leave your dog at home while you take the kids out and about. If you’re staying home, keep your dog in an interior room, away from the Trick or Treaters. Try to think about this from your pet’s perspective–screaming kids in costumes will probably either frighten or excite them. Either way, they are much safer away from the commotion.




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