dog walking pet safety maryland It seems that Mother Nature has spared us this time around from a major storm.  The predictions of being snowed in for days were just a little bit off! For those of us who stocked up on hot cocoa, toilet paper, and sleds this is a pretty big disappointment.  Many people were still able to enjoy a snow day or at least a snow delay, just without the normal snow and ice.

Because Anne Arundel County was so sure we’d be seeing a lot of extreme weather, many of our road ways and walk ways have been treated. This is great for us when driving and walking, but not so great for our pets.

Remember that your dogs are walking on these surfaces with uncovered paws. This means that all of the salt is being absorbed into their paw pads. For some pets this can cause a real problem. Be aware that there are things you can do to help!

To ensure your pet’s safety, be proactive. If you are the one putting salt out, remember to use pet friendly salt. It is available at most pet stores and major hardware stores. After walking your pet on treated surfaces, be sure to wipe their feet off with a towel. For those of you using Tails on Trails, try to leave a towel by the door for just this purpose.  Also, if you see your dog starting to lick his or her feet, be sure to stop them. Ingesting the salt is not good! If you happen to have doggy booties, now is a good time to use them! I

Most importantly, be sure not to let your dog lick the sidewalk or roadway this time of year. They might be tempted, but it will not serve them well.





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