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Although we had snow just last week, Spring is officially here.

As any outdoor-loving pet owner in our area can attest, the true sign of Spring’s official arrival is not a day on the calendar, but the first sighting of a tick.

If you are someone who loves to be outside with your pet, ticks are an inevitable part of the deal.

So while you cuddle up with your pet contemplating the arrival of Spring, don’t just plan out your adventures, but take time to think about how you’ll protect them this spring. (Need help planning your adventures? Visit our Dog Friendly Sites Around Town Pinterest Page.)

There are many different types of preventative efforts for ticks. Most pet owners are aware of tick prevention collars and Frontline treatments, while some others prefer greener options like diatomaceous earth. Each pet owner should consult their veterinarian before trying a new tick preventative.

Once you’ve taken steps to prevent ticks, it is best to always check your pet after going on an outdoor adventure. Whether just a walk in your neighborhood or a hike at a local park, ticks can find their host anywhere. Do a thorough check of your pet and yourself upon arriving back home.

If you do find a tick, be sure to carefully remove it immediately. According to the ASPCA and AKC, it is best to “treat the area with rubbing alcohol and pluck the parasite with tweezers, making sure you’ve gotten the biting head and other body parts.”Afterwards, a talk with your vet is always best to ensure your pet’s safety.

So as Spring arrives, slowly, but surely, be sure to remember your pet’s safety as you spend more time outdoors!

For more pet safety tips regarding ticks and other issues, be sure to visit our Pet Safety Board on Pinterest.

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