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Dog Walking in the Heat: Tips from Tails on Trails


Remember when we were worried about our pets in the snow? Wishing for those days now?

As it really starts to heat up, remember some important tips for keeping your pet safe!

  • Plenty of Water! Always keep plenty of water within reach of your pet. Bring along a water bottle or water dish whenever out with your pet for an extended period of time.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car. This is worth repeating- DON’T leave your dog in the car. Things heat up really quickly in cars, so don’t trust how you feel while driving with windows down or air on.
  • Be aware of how hot the pavement is. Place your hand down on the street or sidewalk to see what it might feel like for your pet.
  • Keep an eye out for ticks! After a walk, do a thorough check of your pet for ticks and then check again later.

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