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Actually, these cuties aren’t part of one of our dog walker or pet sitter’s families.

Instead, they are part of the family of Tails on Trail’s first hire: Denise. Denise has been working for Tails on Trails since the beginning and even found Tails on Trail’s first client.

Denise’s pups are Meet Mia, Moxie, and Moonpie! Mia is a six year old Beagle Terrier Mix, Moxie is a five year old Hound Collie Mix, and Moon Pie is a one year old Blue Heeler Doxie Mix. Such a cool mix of breeds! In this picture the girls are enjoying the early fall sun after their baths.

Denise also has a couple of eight year old ducks named Bandit and Rascal.  Look at these cool guys! Her house is certainly full of loved pets!

Rascal Bandit

Denise currently works in the office although at times she does help out doing visits.

If you’ve ever wondered how a dog walking company works, Denise is the person to ask. A major part of her job is organizing all of the information from our clients for our walker’s use.

Have a special way you like your pet’s food prepared? Does your alarm have a quirk to it that your sitters need to know? Want your dog walked in a certain direction in your neighborhood? All of these special requests are conveyed from the clients to our walkers through our office staff.

In addition, our office staff organizes the basic information for walkers as well: who they are walking, when, where, how much to feed, whether to bring in the mail, keys to bring on visits, etc.

Our walkers start their day with a list of clients that is organized by our wonderful office staff and work through their day with that information in hand. If any problems occur that they can’t figure out on their own or with the help of their geographic team members, they check in with the office for assistance.

Having this extra layer of help is one of the things that sets Tails on Trails apart. We are a premier dog walking and pet sitting company because of the work that happens behind the scenes assisting our staff as they complete their day. This assistance means that our dog walkers and pet sitters are able to complete more visits more efficiently and with a little extra guidance when they are in the field.

So we’d like to say to Denise: thank you for all of your hard work organizing our dog walkers and pet sitters! Want to learn more about our staff? Check out our website!


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