Edgewater Fall Puppy


Every great dog walker knows that once the air turns a little cool, your pup gets an extra hop in their step.

It’s very nice to see the pups that are so hot during the summer return to their normal excited selves during a nice walk.

Although the weather this summer has been a little wacky, this Sunday is promising to be a beautiful one! With highs in the low 70s, it’s a great time to get out with your pup and see that extra pep in their step.

Anne Arundel is great place with plenty of large parks, wonderful trails, and great opportunities to get out with your pet. If you’re a pet lover in Maryland,  it’s a great place to live.

We’ve mentioned before that local parks can sometimes be the best. We know many of you know the places close to your house and know where to go for the best the area has to offer.

We’d like to highlight another local park that you might want to check out this beautiful Sunday. Edgewater Park is conveniently located to anyone who lives in or around Edgewater.

The park is small, but great for a short walk with your pet. There are a couple of fields, a picnic pavilion, and some paved trails. If you’re looking for a short walk, it’s a great place to take your pet. If you’re looking to take your dog out for a quick game of fetch (long leashed of course!) or training, this is a great place to check out.

Interesting in visiting? Learn more here.

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