Dog Walking Pet Sitting

As usual, here at Tails on Trails we’re here to talk about our wonderful staff!

Not only are we excited for our company picnic that will be held on Sunday October 12th at Downs Park.

We are also thrilled to announce that we have 3 MVPs for last week! Congratulations to Vicki, Andi and Kim.

Vicki covered all of her territory and and worked two weeks without a day off to help cover for another sitter who was on vacation. Thank you Vicki for being reliable and a great team player!

We are also recognizing Andi for staying calm and handling an urgent situation with a client’s pet in a professional manner. Her quick thinking and acting meant she handled the situation in a professional manner.  Thank you Andi for being so attentive and on top of things while on the job.

And last but not least we would like to recognize Kim. Kim received rave reviews from a client. The client was pleased with all the communication she received from Kim while on vacation and also was extremely pleased with the care of her pet. It is always a wonderful compliment when we get positive feedback from clients about our sitters and we really try to share all of that with you!

We’d like to thank everyone again for all of your hard work. Our sitters are the reason we’re the best around!

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