Our Annual Staff Meeting: We Treat Our Walkers Right!

Earlier this month we had our Annual Staff Meeting. It’s always a pleasure to get together and enjoy the perks of working for such a great company. Whether it’s receiving nice new “Tails on Trails” gear to keep us warm and safe in the cold weather, or hearing about new policies that affect how we do visits, any excuse to see one another is a good one.

Being coerced to sit still and listen carefully because we’re in a food induced coma from the Taco Bar was great planning by Tails on Trails owner, Michelle. And we love her for that!

Michelle shared a bit with us her vision for the company–something it’s always great to be reminded of.  Providing premier service while keeping quality employees happy and safe are all high up in her vision.

We played a game (with candy prizes) to remind us of some of the best practices we’re always trying to maintain. This gave us an opportunity to be reminded of things we already knew and learn from one another about how to handle different situations.

Some of the questions elicited pretty funny answers. When one walker was asked “What do you do when you got to a client meeting?,” she answered “I brush my teeth.”

We all got a good laugh out of that, but eventually were reminded of what client meetings are really about–acclimating the client to our company’s policies and procedures as well as learning about their pets and how they like them cared for. In addition to showing them that our walkers have good hygiene.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to see one another.

We rarely have the chance interact with other walkers–because we’re usually off doing our own walks and visits. But when we come together it’s always a pleasure to see our coworkers! The end of the meeting was a chat about potential activities to do together as a company, on the table was laser tag and go-carts. Keep an eye out for an update on that–pictures will be great!

Special thanks to Roundz Gourmet in Gambrills for their delicious taco bar!

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