Dog Walking in the Rain

This time of year we can have some pretty intense weather. The alerts on our phones are constantly going off for Flash Flood Warnings, hails pounds the roofs of our cars, and high winds lead to Tornado warnings.

Dog walking is a year-round endeavor and continues despite the weather. Tails on Trails follows the Federal Government for closings, but that usually only happens in the event of snow and ice.

The summer, with it’s hail, high winds, and heavy downpours can make for pretty miserable dog walking weather as any pet owner knows.

But, never fear, Tails on Trails in here!

Tails on Trails is committed to taking care of your pet, despite the weather!

As long as it is safe for our walkers and your pet, we will give them a good walk. If you tell us your pet prefers to do a quick walk in the rain, we will makes sure we do that. If you tell us your pet is fine in the rain and there are no other extreme conditions to make us worry about their safety, we will give them a normal length walk.

If there’s a threat to your pet’s safety, we will try to take them out long enough to do their business. We will spend the rest of the time indoors with them, playing, cuddling, and hanging out so they get plenty of attention for the length of the visit.

No matter, the weather, we’ll make sure they’re taken care of. With the Tails on Trails guarantee and our GPS powered check-in and check-out, you’ll know we’re keeping our promise!

How can you help?

Leave us a note telling us whether your dog is okay with being out in the rain, leave a towel out for rainy days, and let us know of any special instructions!







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