Pasadena Great Dane Walk


Maryland’s climate is great, mostly because you never know what to expect. Low 70s in August isn’t a regular occurrence, but we’ll gladly take it!


Tails on Trails is dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. And that means that they come prepared to complete your visit to the best of their ability. That means that on days when your dog would really rather not brave the rain, we find a way to get them outside.

During extreme weather events, we shorten our walks. For example, when it’s FREEZING out, there’s an extreme storm, or the heat is just too much to bare.

But we look to you to guide us–if your dog LOVES the rain, make sure to mention it to us. We’ll be prepared to give them a great walk in it. If they absolutely hate the rain, we might be able to tell on our first attempt to take them out, but forewarning is always appreciated.

It’s always helpful to hear from the owners–is there a spot your dog prefers to go to when it’s raining? Is there a certain walk we might not know about that has more coverage from the trees and might make your pet a little happier on the walk? Let us know!

If you have a doggie coat, please leave a note letting us know where it is.  If you have an extra towel that can be used to dry him/her off, try to leave it by the door when you know it will be raining.

Remember, we’re here to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible.

We know the look we’re going to get from most dogs when we open the door and the rain can be seen coming down in buckets. Anything we can do to help that pet get the potty break he/she needs as well as a good walk if at all possible, is useful information!

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