Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again! As you prepare for your Thanksgiving meal, as usual we’re here to remind you of a few safety tips for your four legged family members.

Like all holidays, Thanksgiving is a time when extra visitors to your house might cause your pet to be nervous. Be aware of this and allow for some extra space for your pet–a bed in the corner can work the trick, but separating them in a separate room can also work for very nervous dogs and cats.

One idea to keep your dog busy during the meal is to prepare a kong for them. Fill the kong with some special thanksgiving goodies for a holiday treat!

If you’re wondering what your pet can and can not eat, here’s a brief list of things to steer clear of and some tasty treats for the holiday. Always provide the treats in limited amount–too much extra food can make any pet ill!

Tasty Thanksgiving Treats For Your Pet:

Turkey: If you remove the skin, excess fat, and bones, turkey can be a tasty treat for your dog or cat.

Green Beans: Given in small proportions, green beans are fine–although your dog might not be overly enthused at the idea.

Potatoes: Regular Potatoes as well as Sweet Potatoes are all okay for dogs. Be  careful of the things added to all kinds of potatoes for people–don’t give your pet potatoes with a lot of sugar, onions, scallions, etc.

Cranberry Sauce: If it doesn’t contain too much sugar, cranberry sauce is fine for your pet.

Thanksgiving Hazards for Your Pet:

Uncooked Bread Dough: If your pet is begging for food in the kitchen as you cook, be careful about sharing some uncooked bread dough. It can rise in their stomachs and result in major issues including bloat.

Alliums: Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Scallions in large quantities can lead to toxic anemia.

Alcohol: Although many of us know not to give our pet alcohol, we might not realize that a guest leaves a drink unattended. Be extra cautions during the Holiday.

Aluminum Foil: Any food covering that might be used on the holiday and left on the counter or the table with tasty tidbits on it creates a tempting and dangerous hazard for your pet. They can block intestines if ingested, so be careful!


As always, remember that a good walk goes a long way during the Holiday–whether you are staying local or traveling to family. Don’t forget to schedule your Tails on Trails visit!

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