Edgewater Dog Walking

Looking for a great place to walk your pups in Edgewater?

Because Edgewater is right outside Annapolis, many people chose to make the trek to town before they know about all that Edgewater has to offer.

However, if they explore a little further they will find Edgewater has some of it’s own great treasurers!

One such treasurer is Historic London Town and Gardens.

Nestled right on the water, Historic London Town and Gardens has a view and plenty of gardens to enjoy.

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Like most museums, Historic London Town and Gardens has some really great exhibits on the history of the area. But if you’re looking for a beautiful experience outdoors with your pet, this is the place to go!

Take a day and spend time in the 23-acre museum and park featuring history, archaeology, and horticulture.

The grounds of Historic London Town and Gardens are pretty extensive. One of the centerpieces is the William Brown House, built around 1760, which is a National Historic Landmark.  There’s also some reconstructed colonial buildings, an ongoing archaeological  investigation of the “lost town” of London, and a brand new sound and sensory garden perfect for the kids!

With eight acres of gardens, Historic London Town in Edgewater has a diverse horticultural experience including Ornamental, Environmental, Woodland, and Historic Gardens.  If you’re a garden person, this means you’ll find some pretty exciting stuff. But if you’re someone who just enjoys a beautiful day outdoors, this is the place for you too!

A casual stroll through the gardens will not disappoint you. Throughout the year, the changing seasons are marked by changing garden highlights. If you’re planning a trip with just your pup, bring some treats and work on training and get some great pictures in the beautiful gardens.  Or, bring along the family, pack a picnic, and enjoy the grounds together.

For more information, visit the Historic London Town and Gardens Website.

Edgewater Dog Walking



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