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This time of year is prime heat stroke time! With temperatures in the low 90s and heat indexes well above 100, it’s the time of year when we should all be reminded of  how to be careful in the heat, the signs of heat stroke, and the quickest ways to treat heat stroke when it happens.



Considering a walk with your dog outside? First think about a couple of factors.

How hot is it?

What’s the humidity like?

Is there shade where you’ll be walking?

Will you have to be walking on hot pavement?

Is your dog older?

Does your dog have a longer coat or darker hair?

Does your dog have a shorter face that makes breathing difficult?

Be on the safe side! A quick walk outside with plenty of indoor play can suffice and keep your dog safe!


Signs of Heat Stroke:

Excessive or exaggerated panting



High Fever

Dark Red Gums

Rapid Heartbeat

Unresponsive to commands and surroundings



Bloody Diarrhea


Sticky or dry tongue or gums

If you think your dog has heat stroke and is exhibiting any of these signs, take action immediately!


Next Steps:

Find shade. Get your dog out of the heat.

Use cool water, not ice water to cool them. Very cold water will constrict the blood vessels. For dogs with which bloat is a possibility, ice water could be a factor.

Place cool wet cloths on feet and around head.

Offer ice cubes for the animals to lick.



Maryland during the summer can be brutal. Take the necessary steps to watch out for your dog’s health!


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