Pasadena Dog Walking Tips During the cold winter months, it’s possible that both you and your pet are getting just a bit restless. The days of warm walks after work, or hikes through the woods over the weekend seem like distant memories. As the winter really starts to grip Anne Arundel County, and all of the Tails on Trails family, we’d like to suggest a different kind of outing with your pet.

Consider leashing up your pup and taking your training on the road. As any good dog owner knows, their dog can do ANYTHING when in the house. It’s once outside the confines of your house, with the squirrels, other dogs, people, and more that distractions seem to make all of your training go out the window.

So this winter, consider taking your pet somewhere where you can practice training. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. Your local Petsmart, Petco, or smaller, locally owned pet store is perfect. Take your pet and work on doing some training through the aisles.  Larger stores are perfect for really honing your training. If your pet needs less distractions, just take your time in a back corner of the store. If you are ready to work on some “stay” commands with dogs walking by, post yourself near the front door.

Wherever you choose to go, be sure that it’s a pet friendly business. Be aware of all that is going on–if you’re in a store that allows pets but isn’t specifically for pets, like Home Depot, then give other customers a lot of clearance. Not everyone is as in love with your pet as you are.

Take your time in the store to work on the basic commands. Stay, sit, leave it, heel–they all become much harder with distractions. Your pet will be very happy to be off the couch and using his or her mind. And when the time comes for you to be sitting outside somewhere in Annapolis this spring, enjoying a beer with your pup at your feet, you’ll be very glad you got this practice in!
















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