Easing Into Spring!

The snow is almost gone and spring is almost here. As your favorite Annapolis dog walker, we’d like to give you some good tips on how to make sure your pet’s transition of easing into Spring goes as well as possible.

Every Annapolis dog walker knows that dogs are eager to get out and get a good walk in. Many dogs have had their walks shortened due to cold weather, nasty storms, and other conditions. They are eager to get off the couch and get back into the world outside.

Now that it’s starting to warm up, the time to get the leashes out and take to the sidewalk, paths, and woods is here! So pick your favorite spot for a good long walk and keep these tips in mind.

When you’re beginning to hit the road again, keep in mind that your dog may need some reminders of how to behave on a walk. Be sure to do some refreshers on your favorite tricks–whether it is something simple like a heel, stay, sit, come, or something more complicated. Working through some very simple exercises with your dog will help them remember the proper behavior on walks that makes the time together enjoyable for you both.

While on walks in the fresh spring weather, it is also important that we all realize that many owners are taking their pets out for the first time in a while. Many of these dogs are antsy and ready to run, play, and have a good time. It’s possible that there will be more dogs slipping off leashes and/or just being allowed to run off leash. So keep an open eye out for loose dogs and if you have a dog that’s best being kept away from them, be sure to do your best at avoiding them.

Our last tip for spring is to remember that this is the time of year that many people are starting up their gardens. Keep this in mind if you’re letting your dog either in your own yard or in neighbor’s yards. Not only do you want to be careful about the damage your dog might do to another garden, but you want to be sure that your dog doesn’t eat anything that might hurt him/her–plant, fertilizer, or otherwise.

With these safety tips, we hope you can enjoy the coming spring as much as possible!  If your dog needs a midday walk while you are working be sure to contact your Annapolis dog walker to setup a schedule.




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