Dolly Annapolis Dog Walking

The seasons in Maryland are no joke.  Tails on Trails walkers know this well, but we know our clients who love being out with their pets know the struggle is real.

Whether you’re trying to make sure that your dogs paws aren’t getting burnt on a hot sidewalk, or being careful to watch them in the snow so they don’t get lost, enjoying the outdoors in Maryland with your pet can be difficult at times.

This winter is no different. The brutal cold the last couple of weeks has sent most dog lovers and their companions indoors. For the most part, not only are the dogs missing the outdoors, but also us owners who love to be outside are struggling with the weather.

Many of us look forward to winter for the times we get to play outside with our pets in the snow, but this year we’ve had several close calls but perhaps not as much snow as we wished.

All of that being said, it looks like this weekend is going to be a beautiful time for dog loves. If you put on a couple of layers and get outside, chances are you can enjoy 50 or so degree weather.

When lows last night were in the single digits, almost anything would be balmy in comparison. And this weekend is callin for highs in the 40s to almost 50–perfect for some of us to get outdoors. So dust off your hiking boots, clean out your car, and take your dog for an outdoor adventure. Whether it’s a leisurely walk around your neighborhood, a  visit to a favorite park, or the exploration of a new site, this weekend will be a great time to get out and about with your dog.


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