As we look towards a week of rain, rain, and more rain it seems like a good time to refresh all of our Tails on Trails family on what we do during summer storm season.

Tails on Trails is big on making sure that we keep our clients as happy as their pets. We guarantee the amount of time we will spend at your house, and we are able to back it up with GPS technology.

However, on days like today, we have to be careful about how we care for your pets. When there is thunder and lightening, we will spend as little time outside as possible. We will do our best to adjust our visit schedule to try and work around the coming storms.  Sometimes we are able to do a normal walk in between the storms, but there are times we have to cut our walks short.

On the rare occasions where we cut our walks short, we do our best to make sure your pet will go the bathroom before we return to the house. Sometimes we are lucky and we know where your dog’s favorite spot is. Other times, we aren’t so lucky. If we aren’t lucky, we’ll often try to squeeze in a short second walk if weather permits it.

We will always walk in the rain.  In fact, for many of our walkers, a nice little trek in the rain during the summer is fun.

If we do cut our walk short, we will spend the same amount of time at your house as we usually do. We just focus on doing indoor activities with your pet.

All of that being said, if you want to make sure your pet gets the best visit during the summer storm season, here are some helpful hints.

1) If your dog has a favorite spot to go the bathroom and we don’t know where it is, let us know. We’ll head there right away in the event that a storm is coming.

2) If you have toys your pet likes, leave them out on rainy days. We’ll  be sure to use them when playing.

3) If you have old towels, leave them by your front door. We will clean off your pet’s paws when we head into the house, dry them off so they don’t shake everywhere, and give the floor a good wipe.

4) If you have a pet that is made nervous by storms, let us know. If they have a thunder coat, special meds, or anything else we need to use reassure them, we’re happy to do it.

5) If your pet has a rain jacket and you prefer we use it, leave it out. We will be happy to put it on them!

With these tips and more, you’ll ensure a great visit even in the rain for your pet.

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