Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Have you noticed that your dog is a little down now that summer is over?

It might have something to do with you and your family not being home quite as much! If you have children, chances are they spent more time at home the last couple of months. Even adults usually have a more flexible work schedule over the summer. Now that your schedule has changed, it’s possible your dog is still trying to adjust.

So what can you do?

Here are some tricks to help your pet adjust to more time spent alone at home:



White Noise:

Dogs accustomed to having people in the house might be uncomfortable with the sound of silence all day.  Turn on a radio, the T.V. or some other source f noise to help fill the silence.


Interactive Toys:

There are many interactive toys on the market for your pet to enjoy.  Try testing some out to see if your dog likes them. They can help your dog burn off energy through mental stimulation.


Classes and Homework:

Fall is a perfect time to go back to school.  Try out a new class with your pet–whether it’s basic obedience, agility, or something else, having your pet in a class can help them calm down during the day. Be sure to work on their homework on a consistent basis–it can be more important than the class itself.



Now that it’s cooled off a little bit and your dog can handle it, be sure to start exercising him/her regularly again. A nice walk in the evening is a great opportunity to tire your dog out and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Dog Walker:

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the benefits of booking your favorite dog walker for a few extra walks!  If your dog is used to a certain number of walks, consider an extra walk or two until they’ve settled back into their normal routine.


We hope these tips help as your pet settles back into the routine of fall!



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