Maryland is a great state to have a pet in. We have state, national, and city parks sprinkled from our western side all of the way to the eastern shore. Nestled right outside downtown Annapolis is another of these great parks, Quiet Waters.

In the past, Quiet Waters had a dog beach which allowed visitors  and their pets to play in the water with other off leash pets. Although this was very popular, it has since been closed due to erosion.

However, Quiet Waters still has many exciting amenities for those who are looking for a day outing with their pet.

The park is between the South River and Harness Creek. There are over 6 miles of paved trails, but many unpaved trails sneak through the park as well. For those looking for unpaved trails, there are plenty of great views as you wander through the woods. Bikers, hikers, dog walkers, and runners enjoy these trails together.

In addition, there are many different picnic areas, playground areas, boat rentals, fishing spots, and more. Visit Quiet Waters on one of Maryland’s beautiful days and you’ll see find it full of visitors enjoying their time together.

Quiet Waters is just one of many parks in Anne Arundel County. Tails on Trails operates within Anne Arundel County, so we are very happy to take advantage of many of these parks and trail systems during our walks. If you’re looking for more information on owning a pet in Annapolis, visit the Annapolis page on our website.

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