Dog Walking Boss Appreciation

We should offer up a disclaimer: The Tails on Trails Blog is not maintained by Michelle–although she gives me a lot of direction. Instead, it is written by me– Lindsey. This is important to know for this post in which I’ll be praising Michelle and Denise!

Here on the Tails on Trails blog, we use this space to explain to you a little about what sets Tails on Trails apart as a dog walking and pet sitting company, to give you tips on pet safety and taking care of your pets, to show off some local pet friendly businesses and parks, and to honor our dog walking and pet sitting staff for all of the hard work that they do. Michelle, the owner of the business believes it is VERY important to continually thank the dog walkers and pet sitters for all that they do to keep the business running smoothly.

Well, today at the urging of some of the staff, we’re doing something that we’ve never really done before. We are using this space to talk about our wonderful bosses at Tails on Trails.

Many of our clients are aware that Michelle and Denise are the main points of contact for Tails on Trails. They are the people with whom you communicate in regards to appointments, scheduling changes, dietary instructions, favorite places to walk, and more.

Denise and now Olivia are then tasked with passing this information along to the dog walkers and pet sitters. Denise is also responsible for scheduling all of the walkers and sitters–making sure that they are able to make it to all of their visits and that it meets their individual scheduling needs–many are juggling families, school, and other jobs as well.

It’s a really important job–without them conveying this information to the staff and scheduling them appropriately we would not be able to function as  a premier dog walking service.

Our office staff truly sets us apart as a dog walking company–it is a unique role for the industry. We believe it’s absolutely essential and are very thankful for the work that Denise and Olivia do in that role.

Michelle is the woman behind all of this. As the business owner she is the person doing all of the big picture stuff–figuring out what areas we should be covering, hiring more staff, handling budgeting, and figuring out exactly where she wants this business to go.

As a dog walker or pet sitter for Michelle, many of your interactions are in regards to issues that you might need a little more insight into than your geographic team is able to supply.

But another way you’ll interact with Michelle is through the consistent training and rewards program that she has set up for Tails on Trails. Each dog walker and pet sitter is given a lot of training–both before they officially start and throughout their time at Tails on Trails.

They are also able to take part in a lot of rewards programs–like winning MVP of the week, annual meetings, and most recently a staff picnic. Michelle is consistently invested in making Tails on Trails a great company to work for. And it shows!

Recently some of our staff came together with the idea of thanking Michelle and Denise as a part of National Boss Day.

What makes this truly unique is that our dog walkers, pet sitters, and office staff realize just how lucky we are to have the bosses that we have.

So we would like to take this time and space in our blog to say: THANK YOU to Denise and Michelle!

The staff at Tails on Trails has pitched in to supply them with a gift card to Bonefish Grill as well as balloons and a collage, so we hope they know how much we truly appreciate them!

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