Pasadena Cat Visit


One of our favorite things about cat visits is the personality of all of the cats we visit. We find that oftentimes the same house will have cats with vastly different personalities.

As any cat lover knows, a loud meow or a quick tap with a paw is a clear indication that attention is wanted.

Some of the cats we visit love to be pet and will make this known! Other cats prefer to keep their distance and wait patiently for you to  do your job fully. Many cats will meet you at the door and rub against your legs, effectively welcoming you into the house.

No matter the cat’s personality, there are some key things that each Tails on Trails employee does when visiting a house with cats. Each time the litter box will be completely emptied. We scoop to the bottom! Litter is always disposed of outside the house.

Water is refreshed and if they have an auto-refill water container it is checked and possibly rinsed. Fresh food is given according to the owner’s instructions. Cat bowls are cleaned each visit–we want to make sure that owners come home to a clean house.

For the cats who are more friendly, we take the time to pet them or play with them and their toys. For cats that prefer to keep their distance we try to stay calm and just say hello.

Cat visits are often very different from our dog walks, but each cat keeps it interesting with their personality!

Dash Ackley from Pasadena here is quite a cutie and we enjoy our visits with him!



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