As an important part of the family, it is important to make good decisions when deciding on overnight care for your pet

While every dog is different, there are certain things to consider when deciding on overnight care.  Some dogs will react to the stress of your absence by temporary changes in their behavior.  Having a sitter stay overnight in your own home will assuage their stress because they will stick to their routine.  Your pet will also take comfort by staying in their familiar environment.

If your dog is more adventurous, you may want to consider allowing them to stay in a sitter’s home.  This will keep the environment homey, and socialize your dog to new people and possible other pets!

Make sure you don’t behave stressed out before leaving your dog.  If you do, your pet could pick up on your anxiety and think that overnight care is a bad thing.

At Tails on Trails we offer both types of overnight care:
Overnight care in your home:
Overnight service includes walks, fresh food, and water. Your sitter will arrive by 6:30 PM and depart by 6:30 AM for each overnight visit.
Overnight care in a sitter’s home:
Overnight service includes walks, fresh food, and water. We request you drop your pet at the sitter’s home with your pet’s food, any treats, and their favorite bedding so they can feel right at home.

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