If you’ve been following the Tails on Trails Blog you are already familiar with all the efforts that have been happening with theses dogs.  Here is a summary and an update.

  • For nearly four months, Tails on Trails owner, Michelle Cohn, has gone to Duckett farm EVERY DAY to feed abandoned strays, Duckett and Riedel.
  • The only known human interaction these dogs have had, has been with Michelle.  She literally had them eating out of her hand.
  • On Saturday, Michelle secured their rescue when they willingly went into a pen she placed, with the help of Mid-Atlantic German Shepard Rescue..
  • Michelle wants to foster the dogs to get them ready for adoption.
  • Ducket and Riedel have explored this world as a team, it would be incredibly stressful for these dogs to be separated.
  • Yesterday, she brought them to Pits and Rotts Rescue to start Duckett and Riedel on the road to adoption.  Today they are at the vet.
  • Michelle had a verbal agreement with Pits and Rotts Rescue that Michelle would foster the dogs until they were ready for adoption and that every effort would be made to keep Duckett and Riedel together.
  • They have been at the rescue for ONE DAY and there is already talk of separating the dogs.
  • Michelle has offered to take Duckett and Riedel into her home for fostering, pay for all their expenses, yet the Pits and Rotts Rescue continues to post info about the dogs and ask for money, refusing to let Michelle foster them.

Please show your support: Go to the rescue’s Facebook page and tell them to KEEP DUCKETT AND RIEDEL TOGETHER.  Just click on the message icon in the top right corner!

Pits and Rotts Rescue page:!/prfl.rescue?sk=wall

We are also on Twitter @tailsontrails with hashtag #keepduckettandriedeltogether

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