Having a new puppy is exciting for the whole family!  A new puppy will bring tons of fun and joy to the home.  There is a challenge however, and that is potty training your puppy.  With a little determination, however, your puppy will be house-broken in no time at all!  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Your puppy must have frequent access to his toilet area.  Pick a place outside and bring your puppy there every two hours (at the minimum!)
  • Give your puppy enthusiastic praise when he or she soils outside and a special treat
  • Mistakes will happen – never, ever punish a puppy for a housetraining mistake
  • What goes in, must come out – get your puppy on a schedule and you’ll have a better idea when they need to go
  • Keep a diary for the first few weeks so you become familiar with their potty schedule.

At Tails on Trails we offer puppy care options to encourage early success with housebreaking. Because a puppy needs more frequent trips outside, we offer two twice a day options, at a special discounted rate to help get your puppy on track. We have found in our experience with the twice a day option, that your puppy learns quicker when they follow your weekend routine more closely.

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